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Shadowfolk Grove

First Steps on the Spiral Path

Step on to the Spiral Path and see where Magic takes you

Join the Elders of the Temple of the Spiral Path as we dive into the fundamentals of magic, ritual, and Witchcraft. Whether you are completely new to Wicca, or have been practicing for years, our Grove classes are a place to explore myth, meaning, and the power of magic in the world and in our lives.  


As a Grove student, you will:

 - Co-create and celebrate Sabbat rituals with us.

- Learn and practice essential skills of Magic and ritual.

- Craft your own set of Wiccan ritual tools.

- Have access to our private student-and-faculty Facebook group, where you can ask questions and connect with other students and Witches.

- Be part of a vibrant, supportive online community of Witches and Pagans!

North Wyldewood Coven presents:


 In the Spring of 2021, our Grove course (which has been developed and taught for more than 20 years) will be moving online! 

Brought to you by Denise and JoAnna, High Priestesses of the North Wyldewood Coven, TSP's Grove 2021 Grove will be an exciting combination of high-quality, in-depth video content, online rituals, live Q&A's with High Priestesses Denise and JoAnna, and group discussions.  All students will take part in live rituals and magical workings online, throughout the summer.  Grove offers a clear, comprehensive course of study for creating effective rituals, practicing spellcraft, and casting circles and sacred space. We help students connect with the four Elements, the Ancestors, and the Gods, as well as with animistic, Earth-honoring ways of being, and the intuitive senses which help us live heart-centered, authentic lives.

We're excited to welcome you to the Spiral Path this summer...



I just couldn't wait for the next Grove class, and the next class, and the next… The classes are not just for learning information, it is a place to exchange thoughts with other like-minded people in a safe space, appreciating each others' varying degrees of experience and knowledge, and with everyone on a quest to know more. I am happy to say it has changed my life for the better.



This is real-life witch school and I loved it! I was a solitary witch for years before enrolling in Grove. I had participated in community rituals with different groups but never taken formal classes or been part of a coven. I decided that I wanted to deepen my practice with this course and I'm so glad I did! Even if you think you are beyond the beginner level, you are sure to learn a great deal from these wonderful teachers.



The experience of going through Grove was transformative for me. I came into Grove when I was at a Crossroads in my spiritual path. After attending a Grove class in the beginning of August, I knew I had found a place where I belonged. The teachers and students welcomed me and treated me with kindness and respect.  I quickly forged new relationships and strong bonds with my fellow classmates. I felt I was in a safe place to learn and study about magic and to engage in my own spiritual path.


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