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About Us

Welcome to the North Wyldewood Tradition of Witchcraft


We believe in the transformative power of Witchcraft, and strive to walk a sacred path that is inclusive, Earth-honoring, animistic, community-minded, and holistic. Read on to learn a little more about us, and Contact Us if you have any questions.  

We look forward to meeting you in a class or ritual soon...


North Wyldewood Coven

Denise Cruci, High Priestess

JoAnna Farrer, High Priestess

Founded in 2003, North Wyldewood Coven (NWC) has developed a focus on respectful animist practice, as well as on healing the Earth and her inhabitants, including ourselves. We strive to apply our healing gifts for the greatest good of all, while deepening our connections to our spiritual traditions, and the Earth. The North Wyldewood Tradition of Witchcraft was founded by JoAnna and Denise in the spring of 2021.

We heal through the arts (music and dance, visual arts, writing, etc.), through volunteering for animal rights and welfare, and through ecological regeneration of the Earth using Permaculture and other cooperative practices. We provide healing experiences for our fellow pathwalkers through the use of meditation, divination, ritual magic, and oracular trance, working within generally Wiccan ritual formats.


We strengthen and heal ourselves by attuning to the rhythms of nature, the moon and seasonal cycles, and we worship the energies and spirits of our Ancestors, the Nature Spirits, the Good Folk, and the Gods. We have a deep love of learning, and are constantly working to further our scholarly and experiential knowledge.


We believe that a fundamental purpose of our practice is to offer spiritual service and community to others. We strive to lead by example, and to nurture love and respect for Nature, while fostering greater understanding of our Wiccan faith in the modern world.

Image by Mike L

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

Our Tradition believes in the importance of the Wiccan tenet of "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust."


For us, it represents an ideal: a goal for interacting with our covenmates and Tradition Circle members in faith and friendship. We strive to build healthy relationships with one another (as well as with the Ancestors, Gods, Spirits, and beings of the Earth) by valuing honesty, kindness, conviction, gratitude, courage, responsibility, and love. Since "perfection" is a thing we strive for but rarely achieve, the act of reaching towards these goals helps us grow as Witches.


Scholarship and Curiosity

Our Tradition seeks to show respect to the Gods and our Ancestors by emphasizing research, inspiration, and care in what we practice and teach. None of us can claim to fully "get it right" when we talk about history and religion, since we are modern people living in a different world from our Ancestors. However, we do our best to stay informed of modern research, balancing new understandings with the traditions and magical workings that work best for us.


We are also not a Pagan reconstructionist group, although we expect members to work to develop a solid understanding of the history and cultures of the Gods as part of their Witchcraft. Our rituals and Traditions are informed by the practices of the past, but they are also a product of our present-day culture, including the structures created by Gerald Gardner and the other founders of Wicca. We ask members to use good critical thinking skills when evaluating source materials, magical practices, and even information they receive through journey work and divination.  Balance is key!

Image by Javardh
Starry Sky

Craft and Community - Our Offerings:

In the North Wyldewood Tradition, we believe that magic and witchcraft can be powerfully healing, transformative forces in individuals' lives. We share the practices of our Tradition in many ways, both online and in person, including:

  • Open Sabbat Rituals on the East Coast.

  • Periodic online Esbats open to the public.

  • The Birch Path: An Introduction to Wyldewood Witchcraft.   (See Enter the Wyldewood for more on this 24-week online course.)

  • Online Workshops led by Tradition co-founders and Elders.

  • Once-yearly 9-month intermediate course with Coven Elders - the Evergreen Winter Studies course

  • Beginning in September: Wyldewood Circle membership This transformational online circle will help members develop their magical practices, incorporate divination and witchcraft into their daily lives, connect to the lunar and solar cycles, deepen connections to Nature and the Divine, and develop their confidence in ritual, in a supportive online community.  (Details and registration available Aug. 1st.)

  • Summer 2025: 1st annual Grove Gathering Retreat for Coven and Wyldewood Circle members.

Announcements about our upcoming workshops and rituals are made on our Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as via our Newsletter.  Be sure to sign up and follow us to hear about our upcoming offerings and events.

"Keep pure your highest ideal, strive ever towards it..."

from 'The Charge of the Goddess' by Doreen Valiente

Wherever you live, we believe that our magical practices flourish when we join together in respect and faith, so reach out to chat with us!


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