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Empowering, inspiring Witchcraft for the modern world

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The North Wyldewood Tradition & Coven

Over the past 20 years of practice as a Coven, we have developed into a Tradition of Witchcraft that incorporates animistic relationships, polytheistic devotion, well-Ancestral reverence, and shamanistic and oracular trance practices.

The North Wyldewood Tradition of Witchcraft focuses on healing ourselves and, through ceremony, connecting with the seasonal rhythms of the Earth, the Lunar cycle, the Elements, spirits of place, the Good Folk, and the Divine through the mediums of art, magic, guided meditation and journey work, polytheist worship, oracular seership, and divination – all within a Wiccan ritual format.

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Beginning September 1st...

Join the Circle

The North Wyldewood Circle (opening its doors on September 1st, 2024) is an online community for Witches, pagans, and magical practitioners looking to deepen their magic through monthly divination, seasonal celebrations, and spellcraft workshops. Click the link below to email us and find out more! Details will go live on August 1st. We'll see you in Circle...

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Enter the Wyldewood:
The Birch Path

Enter the Wyldewood: The Birch Path is an in-depth, 24-week course that will lead you through the foundations of Wiccan magic and ritual – pulling together the skills and abilities that make Witchcraft a transformative, life-affirming path. 

The course facilitators, North Wyldewood High Priestesses Denise and JoAnna, have over 25 years of teaching experience, guiding students on their journey with Wicca in a cohesive, step-by-step way. 

For the first time this summer, we’re offering this course online – take part in live, online and in-person rituals and events, plus a private Facebook discussion group – all in an inclusive, supportive environment.

Registration for the 2024 Birch Path course is now closed. Registration is NOW OPEN.

CLICK HERE to register

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 As we move through these times of change, join host JoAnna Farrer (co-High Priestess of North Wyldewood Coven) and take a closer look at the arts of divination that can help guide our paths on her podcast, Coffee and Divination!

Each month, JoAnna chats with prominent members of the magical world (teachers, practitioners, authors) about practicing divination, magic, and much more. 

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