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Joining the Temple

Joining the Temple

Joining the Temple of the Spiral Path and our family of covens may be different from other Wiccan groups. We believe in building strong ties between our members by participating in creative, meaningful community events together.  Powerful magick and change can be effected through the deep levels of Perfect Love and Trust we form through our combined efforts in study and worship. (Some members of our Covens have circled together for over 20 years!) To attain this truly unique, magical, family-like bond, our tradition asks for a high level of commitment from its members. 

About Joining The Temple:

Spiritual growth isn't a one-size-fits-all journey!  Our Tradition offers different Paths which members may choose to travel with us.


Degree Path

For those called by the Gods to delve deeper into the Craft, and work towards attaining Initiation in our Tradition, those who walk the Degree Path commit to several years of coursework, independent research, ritual work, and teaching requirements for each degree level.


Community Path

Community Path members are full members of their Coven, take part in Coven Esbats and Sabbats, attend Temple and all our Coven retreats and outings! 

Those on the Community Path take part in their Coven's rituals, and work magic in close fellowship within their Coven, but don't take part in the weekly classes and workings that lead towards Initiation within our Tradition. 

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."  

--Albert Einstein

"I, who am the beauty of the green earth, and the white Moon among the stars, and the mystery of the waters, and the heart’s desire, call unto thy soul. Arise and come unto me."  

--Doreen Valiente, "The Charge of the Goddess" 

Cherry Tree

The SPiral Path

All members of the Temple, before being invited to join one of our Covens, complete at least 3 classes of Shadowfolk Grove, and our Hearthfire curriculum. Our next Grove classes begin in April, 2020, so CLICK HERE to learn more. Registration is now open, and everyone is welcome!

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